LabJack DAQ and Accessory Products

High-quality, affordable USB and Ethernet interface Data Acquisition Products

16 chan. at 12 bits on USB. 2AO, much more: $108!

LabJack makes perhaps unarguably the best Data Acquisition (DAQ) products for the money. Their line of USB and ethernet interface devices provide an excellent base set of analog and digital IOs, counters and timers, and some specialty high-voltage options for unique applications. Their full line can be seen here. These DAQs may also be uniquely identified by serial number or address, allowing many to be connected via a standard USB hub or over ethernet.




LabJack Utilities from Interface Innovations:

Flexible, easy-to-use tools for managing LabJack DAQs: Toolkits for building LabVIEW applications and executable applications that work without LabVIEW!

We've had the pleasure of using LabJack products for nearly a decade now, and have always wished that there was a simple application to specify input/output on the devices. Even better, if this standalone app could be dropped as a block into a LabVIEW program, that would be great! So after years of thinking this, we did it. Building on the excellent foundation of the LabJackUD low-level drivers distributed by LabJack, we created a simple driver for the U3, U6 and U9 devices on USB and ethernet that just works! Plug it in, run the driver, and tell your DAQ what to do. As it should be. We've developed a number of sampling applications using this and a handful of other useful library functions.

LabVIEW Library : Toolbox, Examples, and Universal Driver IO VI for all LabJack UD Devices (U3, U6, U9; USB & Ethernet)

Slide 1
Example Applications
Slide 2
Commented Block Diagrams
Slide 1
Drop-in UD IO Block
Slide 1
In-app Device Reference
Example Frame
UD IO and utility VIs

LabVIEW UD Applications : Plug and Play Data Logging & Analysis!

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Full-featured DataLogger
Slide 2
Device ID/IP Address Utility
Slide 1
Sampling Rate Analysis
Example Frame
UD Data Logger
UD Test Data Rate
ID Utility

How to get the LabJack Utilities

Download here

Use the link above at right to download the most recent vesion of LabJack Utilities. The package is delivered in the .vipm format, which requires the VI Package Manager that comes standard with LabVIEW. The package is also available (in free and paid versions) via JKI, the developer, here.

National Instruments Tools Network

All Interface Innovations libraries are available the National Instrument Tools Network. This is the best way to keep updated on available packages by II and others for your LabVIEW development system