Powerful Applications for Motion Control

Motion Control Development Toolkit for Velmex Motor Controllers

We have developed a powerful and flexible set of motion control applications and helper functions for the LabVIEW development environment. They currently support all Velmex controllers, and have built in support for all slide and motor hardware..

Motion Control Gallery

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Optimized Function Calls
Example Applications
Example Applications

Flexible multi-axis control

Our toolkit is designed for flexibility. Examples help you build intuitive, easy-to-use applications for multiple-axis control of stage systems. Easy access to all dll functions and high-level state machine structures will help you build your system for anything from real-time precision manipulation to automated step and repeat operations. Chances are that we have built something that matches your application using the Motion Control API.

Real-time, optimized motion control

We've built on the API provided by Velmex for control of multi-axis gantry systems, adding features to the standard functions:

  • Real-time position and velocity display during move operations
  • Anytime Kill Motion to arrest movement
  • Relative origin programming, axis coordinate reversal/inversion
  • List, goto, and multiple repeated move algorithms

Plug and play executable applications for multi-axis control

XY RealTime Control Panel

Our XY RealTime Control Panel application is built for drop-in control flexibility

Demo Applications Gallery

XY Application
XY Application
XY Application