OneWire Sensors

Onewire Device Family codes

1Wire Device Table
Family Code Device Name(s) Description
1 DS1990A, DS1990R, DS2401, DS2411 Serial number
2 DS1991 1152b Secure memory
4 DS2404 EconoRAM time chip
5 DS2405 Addressable switch
6 DS1993 4Kb Memory button
8 DS1992 1kb memory button
A DS1995 16kb memory button
B DS1985, DS2505 16kb add-only memory
C DS1996 64kb memory button
F DS1986, DS2506 64kb add-only memory
10 DS18S20 temperature sensor
12 DS2406, DS2407 dual addressable switch
14 DS1971, DS2430A 256b EEPROM
16 DS1954, DS1957 coprocessor ibutton
18 DS1962, DS1963S 4kb monetary device with SHA
1A DS1963L 4kb monetary device
1B DS2436 battery ID/monitor
1C DS28E04-100 4kb EEPROM with PIO
1D DS2423 4kb 1Wire RAM with counter
1E DS2437 smart battery monitor IC
1F DS2409 microlan coupler
20 DS2450 quad ADC
21 DS1921G, DS1921H, DS1921Z thermochron loggers
22 DS1822 econo digital thermometer
23 DS1973, DS2433 4kb EEPROM
24 DS2415 time chip
26 DS2438 smart battery monitor
27 DS2417 time chp
28 DS18B20 temperature sensor
29 DS2408 8-channel switch
2C DS2890 digital potentiometer
2D DS1972, DS2431 1024b memory
2E DS2770 battery monitor/charge controller
30 DS2760 precision li+ battery monitor
31 DS2720 single cell li+ protection IC
32 DS2780 fuel gauge IC
33 DS1961S, DS2432 1kb memory with SHA
34 DS2703 sha battery authentication
35 DS2755 fuel gauge
36 DS2740 coulomb counter
37 DS1977 32kb memory
3D DS2781 fuel gauge IC
3A DS2413 two-channel switch
3B DS1825, MAX31826, MAX31850 temperature sensor, TC reader
41 DS1923, DS1922E, DS1922L, DS1922T hygrochrons
F0 MOAT custom microcontroller slave
42 DS28EA00 digital thermometer with sequence detect
43 DS28EC20 20kb memory
44 DS28E10 sha1 authenticator
51 DS2751 battery fuel gauge
7E EDS00xx EDS sensor adapter
81 USBID, DS1420 ID
82 DS1425 ID and pw protected RAM
A0 mRS001  
A1 mVM0011  
A2 mCM001  
A6 mTS017  
B1 mTC001  
B2 mAM001  
B3 mTC002  
EE mTC002  
EF Moisture Hub  
FC BAE0910, BAE0911  
FF Swart LCD