CuPID Controls® Data System

Access your data anywhere

  • Real-time updated, secured, and backed-up data
  • Long-term data logging and analysis
  • Mobile-friendly interfaces
  • Read/write control and granular, per-user permissions
  • Alarms and notifications based on arbitrary logical conditions
  • Push-only (from panel/controls) to cupidcontrolcom -- no special VPN or internet configuration required
  • Data download in csv format
  • Custom Reports available

We can push directly from any Windows PC (such as our touchscreen control panels), or retrofit any IO configuration : RS485, Modbus TCP/IP, raw analog or digital IO -- if you've got it, we can talk to it.

Check out our gallery below for a few screenshots. Demo cellar, brewery, irrigation, and thermostat controls are on the way!

Brew Panels Gallery

Desktop and Mobile Friendly
Data Quickplots
Datalogging and Detail Views
Customizable Actions

Interested in a retrofit, or talking about your application?

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