Networked Controls

Let us design your networked instrumentation and UI/HMI.
Reliable instrumentation for the 21st century.
NRTL-certified to UL and CSA Standards.

Hardware Software

Networked Control Panels

We build NRTL certified UL508a/CS22.2 compliant control panels with industrial components that integrate the reliability you expect, with web-interfaced technologies of today. Touchscreens, PLCs, and web interfaces are our specialty.

Control Panels

Brewery Controls

We know the industry, the product, and the process. We build panels that leverage our controls expertise with real-world brewing experience.

Brewery Panels

Automation and Acquisition UI/HMI

Your acquisition and control needs are our pleasure. We have experience in all manner of industrial controls: PLCs, touchscreens, web interfaces, sensor IO and data acquisition are our bread and butter.

We have a Certified LabVIEW Developer on staff, when building license-free, UI-centric instrumentation quickly is key.


CuPID Controls

Our CuPID Controls network interface system is the gateway to the world for our control systems. Data is pushed to the cloud from your touchscreen or local interface controller. All communication is push-only, removing any VPN requirements and making configuration simple. Access your data from anywhere, anytime. Alarms, text/email notifications, arbitrary logic. It's all possible.

RF Models are available for wireless connnectivity to remote IO modules, panels and sensors. Retrofit ANY existing interface with our suite of IO and ethernet packages.

CuPID Controls

LabVIEW Toolkits and UI Development

Get your projects off the ground by outsourcing the dirty work. We'll get your devices talking and you acquiring as soon as humanly possible, and leave you with clean, well-documented code to build on moving forward. Let us build you a library -- or take advantage of our prebuilt packages.


Sensor Integration and Toolkits

expect, with web-interfaced technologies of today. Touchscreens, PLCs, and web interfaces are our specialty.

OneWire Utilities

Our LabVIEW OneWire Utilities toolkit will get you instantly connected to and identifying all Dallas/Maxim OneWire devices. Take the pain out of using one of the most exciting multi-drop sensor technologies available.

OneWire Utilities

LabJack Utilities

The LabJack is a fantastic, low-cost DAQ suitable for nearly all digital and analog input applications.

LabJack Utilities

Spectral Analysis

ColorTools LabVIEW Toolkit

Our ColorTools package provide CRI, CIE, color gamut (e.g. REC2020), and many other spectral analytics. Fast enough for inline tools, with a complete offline analysis suite.

ColorTools Standalone Suite

ColorTools Standalone executable and installer offers all of the analytical functionality of our LabVIEW toolkit, without the need for the LabVIEW Development environment.

Explore ColorTools

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Our Clients

PFriem Family Brewers
One Lake Brewing
Stemma Brewing
Vanished Valley Brewing
NorthStar Chemical
Intellectual Ventures
Pioneer Vessel
Practical Fusion
Portland Fire
Brookeville Beer Farm
Lincoln Beer Company
Solar City
Piedmont Propulsion
Yachats Brewing
Lightwind Corp.